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Blair Basketball Club Boys & Girls Tournaments

Mark your calendars!

The girls tournament is January 28 & 29.  

The boys tournament is February 18 & 19.  

Establishing Blair Basketball Club Email Notifications to Multiple Email Accounts

Blair Youth Sports has recently updated our website to allow you receive messages on multiple email accounts.  It's simple for you to set up and easy to maintain when email addresses change.  

How to add an email address to receive communication

How to change or add an email address to my account

2016 -2017 Blair Basketball Club Coaches


Third Purple: Craig Heuton - Chad Leggott

Third White: Jeremy Sullivan - Brian Nielsen

Fourth Purple: Dave Ladwig - Ryan Sass

Fifth Purple: Chris Chance - Travis Mann

Fifth White: Jim Collins - Alaina Roche

Sixth Purple: Ryan Sass - Jason Roach 

Sixth White: Jordan Lynch - Molli Kies

7th & 8th: Gail Snyder - Jordan Lynch


Third Purple: Brian Slominski - Erin Field

Third White: Martin Rump - TBD

Fourth Purple: Lance Sorensen - TBD

Fourth White: Dallas Flynn - TBD

Fifth Purple: Mark Bouwman - Scott Macholan - Lance Shillcut

Fifth White: Heather Beal - Tom Ulrich

Sixth Purple: Brian Slominski - Marla Ryan - Paul Christensen

Sixth White: Seth Raymond - TBD

Blair Basketball Club - 2016/2017 Team Assignments

The Blair Basketball Club is proud to announce the boys & girls teams for the 2016-2017 school year. We arrived at these teams based upon objective and subjective data collected from the two tryouts (Spring & Fall) and coaches input. We want to reiterate how important it is to participate in the Club no matter what team your son/daughter is involved in. There are countless examples of where a B team player has improved to become a valuable contributor or starter at the high school level. The final determination has been made at each grade level.

We understand that not everyone will agree with the decisions made, but we wanted to place everyone on a team where we thought each kid would be successful. Each player in the Club will have the opportunity to improve because we will use a scripted practice that focuses on fundamental basketball skills. Please share these teams with your son/daughter and talk with them about being respectful to all involved.

In certain grades we designated alternates who may be called upon in case of injury, player on vacation, etc. The alternates will act as substitutes when needed for the other grade level team. Coaches will contact the first alternate to check and see if the are available. If not, they will contact the second alternate to if they are available. The use of alternates will be covered with our coaches during pre-season meetings.

Rosters are posted on under both boys and girls basketball.  

We will be distributing information on coaches next week. Additional information on practice schedules and leagues will be distributed throughout September.

Thank you for your participation in Blair Basketball Club. We look forward to an exciting season!