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About Us / FAQ's

About Us / FAQ's

Our Mission: The Blair Basketball Club is for youth in grades three through eight. The objective of the program is to place each athlete on a team through an evaluation process every year with the essential mission to build basketball fundamentals and provide a basketball experience to every player. Evaluations  are held in late March to early April and again in late August. Every player is assessed to guarantee they are set on a team that is ideal for them in their present basketball skill level. We plan to have groups that play in silver, bronze and rec levels.

We are a volunteer organization; with all board members and coaches doing their best to provide a positive experience for all members of our basketball club and to support our community.  

The expense to play for the Blair Basketball Club is $490 for a new player, $450 for returning player.  New player expenses will incorporate a quality sublimated & reversible uniform game jersey & shorts, shooting shirt w/ last name print, reversible practice jersey, appropriate size basketball engraved with club logo, player backpack personalized with club logo, name and player #, and two pair of game socks. 

Returning players will have the ability to order any needed replacement gear via an online order and website.

Teams in this program will comprise of 8 to 10 players.  Teams will play in a Winter league and will play in 4 extra tournaments on top of our club tournament.


Who is eligible?

We do allow players from outside the Blair Public School District. The greater part of our program participants live within the Blair Public School District limits. In any case we will allow players that don't live inside of the school district limits to take an interest in our club.

What is the cost?

The expense for the Blair Basketball system is $490 for a new player and $450 for a returning player. The cost was determined factoring in the costs of leagues, tournament entry fees, camp/clinic opportunities and player gear.  The main extra cost to you is in time.

We require all players to volunteer 2 hours of time (per player if multiple in the program); and help at our yearly club tournament in late January or February. Players are asked to bring a check for $100 to their tryout in April.  The Club will hold the checks and will only cash the check if the volunteer time is not fulfilled. 

When registering and paying online our website provider will charge a credit card processing fee on top of your registration costs.  The fee is charged by the credit card company.  


Our plan is for every team to be given two practice times each week at one of the schools. The day and time of practice for every group won't be resolved until late September. All head coaches will have the chance to work with other head coaches to share courts and practice up to 2 times each week.

7th/8th Grade charges:

These athletes will be charged the same amount as all other players due to additional instruction and clinic time designated to our older player age groups.


The greater part of our teams play in a winter league as well as tournaments. The coaches are responsible for choosing the group, level of play and tournaments for their group. Games can be on Friday night, Saturday or Sundays. League schedules are released in December and competition timetables are normally sent out the Tuesday before the tournament.  We do our best to ensure every team in placed in a competitive division that matches their skill level; for leagues and tournaments.

Other Sports:

While we empower multi-sport competitors, we additionally trust that the sport that is "in season" ought to receive priority and that the Blair Basketball Club team is top priority.  Coaches have the discretion to limit a player's playing time if a player misses club practices or games consistently for other team or sports commitments, demonstrating that the Blair Basketball Club team is not the top priority.


Blair Basketball players will need to pre-register online before the try-out. At the time of pre-registration you will have the option to pay in full upfront at a rate of $450 for returning players $490 for new club members OR use a payment plan with incremental payments of of $225 due April 16th and $225 due June 1st for returning players; new players can pay in increments of $245 due April 16th and $245 due June 1st.

If you have questions about payment plans, please contact our BBC board of directors.  Their contact information in on our website;

When are the teams announced?

Team rosters will be announced for grades 3 thru 6 after we have completed a second evaluation in August.  This will allow all the players the opportunity to attend camps and summer sessions to improve their basketball skills. All data will be considered related to team formation and the teams will be announced.

Any boy entering grades 7-8 for the 2017-2018 school year that wishes to play in the Blair Basketball Club is encouraged to register.  In lieu of tryouts, the determination of play level will be determined jointly with the junior high school coaches in November.  If by chance your son chooses not to play junior high basketball, or does make the team, we still encourage you to register as we will continue to make every effort to place your son on a team for the winter basketball session.  

Are the coaches paid or volunteers?

Coaches are not paid, they are volunteers.  In any case, we require all head coaches in our program to complete concussion training and an individual background check to provide a safe & ideal experience for your child. We additionally require our coaches to attend a coaches meeting in the Fall put on by our varsity staff, where each coach receives a binder including the instruction provided at the meeting, providing as an additional resource for our offensive and defensive plays and strategies, as well as practice plans.  The club is constantly working to provide better training and resources to support our volunteer coaches.

What is available to me after tryouts during the summer?

We offer a summer improvement program. Players will have the opportunity to attend camp/clinic sessions generally 2-3 times each week for 6 to 8 weeks These sessions will concentrate strictly on basics and aptitude improvement through the Elite Guard Training. We will also be offering Warwick shooting camp in April; along with Warwick Workouts returning for clinics in June and November.



When do practices start in the fall?

Practices in the Fall will start around the middle to end of September for 7th & 8th grade girls, as these teams will play in a Fall league in place of a Winter league due to their junior high basketball season being played in the winter. Practices in the Fall will start for all other grades/genders middle to end of October, with the winter basketball league season beginning in January. 

Refund Policy:

100% refund if child registers and decides to withdraw before our 1st Warwick Work-out summer session. 

50% if child registers and decides to withdraw before team selection

There are no refunds after team selection except for the following:

We will refund all of your payments but $100 if 1) there are not enough players to form a team, 2) a volunteer coach is not available, 3) facility limitations do not allow us to accommodate particular teams, 4) a player moves out of the local area, or 5) a player presents a medical release from a licensed physician stating why they cannot play basketball any longer.  

Refunds (if necessary) will be paid in August for girls grades 3-8 and boys grades 3-6; and in November for boys grades 7-8.  

Uniform Fitting:

New or returning players will have the opportunity to try on uniforms and warm-up shirts at the camp/clinics offered at the beginning of summer, with exact dates and times to be communicated via our website and to the email provided by each player at registration.

Optional Parent Meetings

Monday, April 2nd and Wednesday, April 4th

Blair Public School Library, 6 pm 

Topics: Itemized cost per player, evaluation information, summer clinics, parent questions

2018-2019 Spring Evaluations:

All evaluations are held at Otte Middle School.  Please attend the tryout for the grade you will be attending in 2018-2019.   All athletes must pre-register online before attending tryouts AND bring a check for $100 for volunteer deposit.

Parents please check your child in at the evaluation registration table  


Monday April 9th:

5:00-6:00 --  3rd grade boys

6:00-7:00 --  4th grade boys

7:00-8:00 --  5th grade boys

8:00-9:00 --  6th grade boys

Tuesday April 10th:

5:00-6:00 –  6th grade girls 

6:00-7:00 –  4th grade girls 

7:00-8:00 –  5th grade girls 

Thursday April 12th:

5:00-6:00 --  3rd grade girls

6:00-7:00 -- 7th grade girls

7:00-8:00 --  8th grade girls